Paving The Way With Innovative Digital Solutions

We’re leading the charge in the digital revolution and reshaping the way people interact with money. With a relentless focus on harnessing technology’s full potential, DCPayments is enabling companies to deliver unrivalled financial services to their customers.

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Maximize Financial Productivity with Direct Deposit Tracking


Our Direct Deposit Tracking (DDT) technology is taking financial management to the next level by creating a mapping system to help you automate transfers and deposits. A unique number acts as a sub-ledger for your corporate account so you can streamline your account receivables, reconcile payments with ease, and increase your financial productivity.

Direct Deposit Tracking

Key Features

  • Automate Incoming E-Transfers and EFT Deposits
  • Reconcile Multiple Incoming Payments Streams
  • Efficient and Effective across a variety of industries
  • Real-Time Transactional Reporting Available 24/7/365

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Your All-In-One Loan Solution  


Elevate your loan management with a comprehensive digital solution that covers every aspect of the loan lifecycle. DCPayments’ online SaaS platform enables businesses of all sizes to approve, manage and terminate loans with ease. From automated decision-making and documentation tools to integrated identity solutions and portfolio control, our origination and management services make it easy to streamline your loan operations.


 Simple Applications.
Speedy Approvals.

 Our loan origination software streamlines the loan experience with automatic adjudication, fast approvals and instant access to funds.  


Manage and Maintain Compliance

Decisioning rules and KYC requirements made simple with automated software that eliminates bias.


Beginning to End.

And Beyond.

Software integration and support from origination to decision and payment through EFT, Interac® and Visa® Direct.

Lending Loan

Optimized for Premium Experiences

With client and borrower satisfaction in mind, our loan services support seamless processes.  

Circle $

Versatile, Comprehensive Platform

Full visibility of calculations, analysis, and compliance for increased efficiency and a higher ROI.



Automated Risk Mitigation

Automate the process of regulatory compliance and reduce the risk of human error and oversight.

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Loan Origination & Management

Key Features

  • Automate Incoming E-Transfers and EFT Deposits
  • Automate Client Identity Verification
  • Account Validation Services
  • AML/KYC screening tools
  • Reduce Fraud
  • Customizable Risk Scoring
  • Fee and Interest Calculations
  • Payment & Collection Management
  • Reporting

Leverage The Latest Advances In
Mobile App Development


Empowering businesses like yours to stay ahead of the curve is our calling, and we’re here to help you leverage technology to take your business to the next level. Whether you’re looking to integrate our digital solutions into your existing platform or need us to work with you to cater specifically to your needs, we’ll leverage the latest advancements in mobile app development to bring your vision to life.


 Tailored Products

 Get exactly what you need within our suite of products, or contact us about specific needs.


Avoid Feature Overload

Custom development that gives you just the features your business needs. No fluff. No fuss.


Specialized Support

Our products come with confidence. Expertly integrated solutions and personalized support.

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Mobile App Development

Key Features

  • Customizable Identity & Payment Solutions
  • Mobile Application Deployment
  • Integrated Payment Mobile Applications
  • Loyalty Program Deployment
  • Card Production

Secure Your Business With Flexible Identity Solutions


Identity solutions are crucial for modern businesses. Our approach to identity verification is adaptable and comprehensive, providing protection against fraud and compliance risks through both online automation and manual fallback options. Additionally, our platform facilitates in-person verification with features like the ability to upload ID photos and leverage Canada Post locations, making the process seamless and accessible for your customers no matter where they are located.

Id Verifications

Streamlined Identification

Seamless, safe ID and account verification processes with our straightforward APIs.


Real-Time Access to Information

On-demand access to AI-powered data that refreshes in real-time to keep your business secure.


Machine-Learning & AI Validation

Payment protection and identity verification accuracy that increases with each new customer.


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Identity Solutions

Key Features

  • Automate Client Identity Verification
  • Account Validation Services
  • AML/KYC Regulation Compliance
  • Reduce Fraud
  • Risk Scoring
Our partnership with DCPayments has proven successful in expanding our program in the Canadian market, and we appreciate their continuous technological improvements on their payments processing platform.
Diana H.
DCPayments' support and professionalism has been amazing; they listen to our needs and provide detailed training. I look forward to dealing with DCPayments for a long time, and I recommend their products and services.
Atef S.

API Preview

What you can do:

  • Create bulk DDT numbers

  • Create by DDT owner ID

  • Search EFT transactions

  • Retrieve the statement for a specified applicant

  • Manual KYC application verifications

  • Create security number

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