Mastercard Send®

Simplified Solutions For Seamless Global Payments

Unlock a world of possibilities with Mastercard Send. Effortlessly send and receive funds across billions of accounts and cards -- world-wide in real-time. Expand your business' reach with domestic and cross-border transactions, in over 160 currencies with DCPayments' advanced, secure, easy-to-integrate payment solutions.

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Mastercard Send®
allows you to increase flexibility with your finances while providing speed, security, and reliability that are unrivaled in the industry. 

Designed with the business owner in mind, this single platform lets you send direct payments 24/7/365 without the need for time-consuming paperwork or expensive transfer fees. Round-the-clock availability allows you to move money smoothly and safely to bank accounts across the globe, whether they are B2B, B2P, P2P, or P2B – before you can even say BRB. 



Effortless Connectivity 

Send funds quickly and securely across different networks all through one platform.  


Reliable Transparency 

Transfers you can count on with full visibility into transaction status.



Receive and use funds in your account instantly so your business can be at the centre of the action. 



Our APIs enable our clients full control over transactions. 

Use Cases

Forget the hassle of registration and validation
Visa Direct® and Mastercard Send® have revolutionized the way you can move money. Enjoy streamlined security, quicker transactions, and an overall more satisfying experience.


  • P2P: Capture new revenue opportunities by offering peer-to-peer payment solutions that enable people to send funds quickly and securely.

  • B2P: Instantly compensate staff, freelancers, and gig workers. Send insurance settlements. And support humanitarian aid when they need it the most. Without a piece of paper in sight. 

  • B2B: Immediate access to funds strengthens your business’ performance by helping to unlock working capital, clarify cashflow, and uncover revenue opportunities. 

  • Government: Governments can seamlessly disperse pension funds, provide refunds, and support people in times of crisis to deliver responsive care. 

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Our partnership with DCPayments has proven successful in expanding our program in the Canadian market, and we appreciate their continuous technological improvements on their payments processing platform.
Diana H.
DCPayments' support and professionalism has been amazing; they listen to our needs and provide detailed training. I look forward to dealing with DCPayments for a long time, and I recommend their products and services.
Atef S.

API Preview

What you can do:

  • Provide existing customers with and Mastercard Send services

  • Create Mastercard Send transactions

  • Create one-time transaction 

  • Set up recurring transactions 

  • Cancel transaction actions  

  • Freeze recurring transactions  

  • Save recipient (payee) information 

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